Monday, April 30, 2012

Mata'utu beach - Wallis Island

 In 1967..
and 40 years after...
Meeting houses, Futuna Island

 Leava village
Kava pestle, Leava village
 Leava village
 Kava bowl (tanoa) and mats (fala) - Leava village
 Mala'e village
 Mala'e village
Kava plant with roots
Lali, Leava village, Futuna Island

This drum is used to send messages through the village
Kumete, Leava Bay - Futuna Island

 The front end of this kind of canoe has inspired the nose of modern ships
In the past, natives have built their canoe with stone axes
Catherdral of St Peter CHANEL - POI village - Futuna Island

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pierre Louis Marie CHANEL (Saint Peter CHANEL)

Born : July 12, 1803 at Montrevel-en-Bresse, Ain, France
Died : April 28, 1841 (aged 37) at Futuna Island
Enceladus, June 12, 1971

Shooting from a balloon at Mururoa. Power of about 450 kilotons
Lace paint job training

I made today my first test with lace paint job..



 Heitiare, Jonny & Manave
 Pops bike

Tagimaitoga & Tuitokelau

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South Gate, CA 90280
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

 The colour base is RED (I took those pics in the end of the afternoon so the bike colour seems to be pink) and I will finish to paint the dress later..
My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

Views of the late Shovel
My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

The 2" true dual exhaust pipes fabrication.. Thanks to the welder Ezera
My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

 The magneto is an old MORRIS MM74L (, the air filter comes from MOONEYES ( Oil lines are from Sweet Performance products (475 Industrial Way, Placentia, CA 92870 -
The belt drive is an EVIL ENGINEERING ( The seat can be find in the Drag Specialties catalog with the reference 0806-0027. The foot clutch cable is an idea that I made in a sailor workshop of "Motu uta, Papeete". The hand shifter is a vintage Titleist Bulls Eye Putter Old Grand Dad Clud who gave its name to the bike (found in an antique shop in Orange, C.A.)
My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

 I reused the oil filter assy of my 1990 FXSTC.
 I welded a brass roller bearing element to the washer of the top bolt mount
 Detail of the mounting bracket

My "Old Grand Dad" bike project

 I found the oil tank at the Long Beach Veteran Stadium swap meet in 2011, June. I designed two tabs to rubber mount the oil tank to the frame. The gearbox is a 1979 H-D original and hand polished by myself.
Rear brake was on bike when purchased. Struts, shocks and swing arm are new