Friday, February 13, 2015

Tahiti Island - Janury 2015 - 1990 FXSTC Version III

Lace paint job, more pics with the gas tank.. I will repaint the whole bike after... for now it's just a self training.. I never done this before..
Next time I will use a spray gun with car paint.. Spray paints are not good for this purpose, for example this kind of paint not resist to gasoline.. (not true, I overfilled the bike by mistake and nothing happened to the paint)

Tahiti Island - January 2015 - 1990 FXSTC Version III

Perfect lace paint job.. For a good job, lace must be perfectly stretched on the workpiece.. I used magnets to maintain lace in the other side of the fender..

Tahiti Island - January 2015 - 1990 FXSTC Version III

I decided to have no wires on handlebar. I imagined to build a control panel attached on engine mount. I modified a 2005 Sportster vapor canister guard (Part No. 28909-04) and painted it to match with the whole bike...

Left to right : On/Off - Starter - Horn (old push button from a 1980 FXS) - Right top : Turn signals - Right down : Head light - Bottom hole is for the horn.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tahiti Island - January 5th, 2015 - 1990 FXSTC Version III

16" Rear wheel, Firestone tire, Wilwood brake and 11,5" disc come from a Zero Engineering Type 9. The 1999 Supertrapp exhaust system is still in perfect condition

Original 61 pulley with 1,5" 127 tooth belt (H-D International).. Belt guard from a 1991 FXSTC

Jay Brake outer primary cover... Stainless steel oil tank

18" front wheel, tire, brake and disc also come from the Zero

This unique piece come from a 1970 German 10,000 hp V12 Man diesel engine

Tahiti Island - 1990 FXSTC Version III  - Springer front end modification

July 27, 2014 - I found locally a springer front end (unknown make).. I hate the front section

January 4th, 2015 - I replaced the front section by a custom wishbone legs.. Looks better now
Tahiti Island - July 5th, 2014 - 1990 FXSTC Version III

First of all, I had to put a pair of fender struts on my strutless frame.. I called my friend Ezera to weld a pair of struts from a 1991 FXSTC...

My friend Ezera in action