Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pan American Airways Boeing B-314 CLIPPER

NC-18602 – California Clipper (renamed Pacific Clipper for a few months in 1941) arriving over the San Francisco Bay

 View of cockpit of the full size replica B314,"Yankee Clipper" NC-18603 (located in the Foynes Flying Boat Museum)

 A view of the Flight Engineer's station on the museum's Boeing 314 full size replica aircraft, "Yankee Clipper" NC-18603

View of the flight deck of the museum's full size Boeing 314 replica, "Yankee Clipper" NC-18603

The flight deck of the Boeing B314 Clipper was very large, so room to move around was quite abundant, as you can see. To the left is a full size navigational chart table and above (not visible) is a bubble so that the navigator can take star-shots with a sextant for calculating the aircraft's (boat) position. In the lower right is the flight engineer and the engine panels are in front of him, while just behind the flight engineer is the radio operator.

More info :
Address of Foynes Flying Boats & Maritime Museum : Foynes, Co. Mimerick - Ireland -

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  1. Can you please tell me where the photos of the replica Boeing 314 were taken? I love to get more details on this..thanks! :)