Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wallis Island (Uvea)

Te motu ne'e au tupu ai.. The island where I was born and raised..


  1. I've always wanted to visit Wallis, as my father was an American Marine stationed there in WWII, and I grew up hearing stories about the island. I've researched Wallis for some of my writing work, and just from curiosity. I've transcribed the native language from a WWII mimeograph negative loaned to me by a sailor who was there in WWII. My daughter speaks French, so I hope to get her to accompany me on a trip to Wallis someday, as I only speak English. I ride a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 (2008). What a dream it would be to transport it to Wallis and use it there!

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I actually live in Tahiti Island.. So if you plan to go to Wallis remember that the island is under the equator, the humidity is at 100% all the year, the temperature is often at 86 even the night.. The best period is in July (less rain and much wind)..
      With a friend I create a museum dedicated to the WWII.. I found many things for years.. I will post pics of the museum..

  2. Sorry, I accidentally provided Justin's URL instead of my own. Corrected herewith.