Monday, July 2, 2012

Wallis Island - Lalolalo lake

440 yards diameter
260 feet deep
 200 feet high cliff


  1. I'm 90 years old and was on Wallis Island as a Marine in World War II. I will never forget that lake! It's amazing and I still think about it all these years later. How do you think it was formed? When I was there, one of the Marines got drunk and fell into that lake. I couldn't believe he survived!!

    1. Dear Bob,

      I am honored by your message, many thanks.. Wallis Island lakes are vestiges of old volcanoes.. That form of lakes are not very common in the world and amazing of course..

      You have to know that your are honored in Wallis by a museum.. I’m native of the island and spent more than 20 years to collect all the stuff you left behind you after the war.. After year 2000, my friend Christophe proposed me to create a museum and we made it.. Now I live and worked in Tahiti Island (French Polynesia), and Christophe take care of the museum alone..

      Did you saw the others WWII photos I put on my blog ? Please contact me on my personal email ( we have so many questions..

      Best Regards
      Eric PAMBRUN

  2. Hi Bob (and Eric),

    Lake Lalo Lalo (and Wallis in general) is an amazing place! My grandfather (deceased) was there with the 8th Defense Battalion. I'm working on a book about the battalion and have interviewed many veterans around the country in recent years. I would love an opportunity to speak with you and hear about your service and your time on Wallis.

    Please contact me at any time.


    Jeremy Edward Shiok
    Anchorage, Alaska USA
    (907) 980-6962

  3. Dear Eric,

    I love the photo you took from Lalolalo. In 2011, I was there to do some biological studies on the lake and I still think about rowing on its green waters with good memories. Its a really mystical spot!

    Best wishes

    1. Glad you were in Wallis. This wonderful creation of nature is amazing..
      Thank you for your message..