Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old Grand Dad Bike on the road..

A Kick only magneto Harley-Davidson is hard to tune... As the pipes are made in 2" tubes, a set of baffles and torque cones was necessaries... The torques cones are made for Evo types pipes, so it was necessary to reduce the diameter of their flanges to 1-3/4" and then welded to the pipes..

The mag is tune following Morris Magneto procedure.

For the break in, I use an S&S E.. with a .295 on the intermediate jet and a 74 for the main.. Later I will probably come back on the S&S B that I firstly wanted to use..

The foot clutch is also important to make it soft, otherwise start up is too hard.. (mine isn't soft enough yet)

Again, many thanks to Pops Garage (South Gate) for his precious help..

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