Monday, September 14, 2015

Tahiti Island - Grand Dad Bike Magneto Madness

I kick-started Old Grand Dad Bike for the very first time on February 8th, 2013.. Since, it started on one kick maybe three times only.. The rest of the time it needs an average of ten kicks.. I always checked everything to find the f**king problem. The only information I didn't had was the specific settings of spark plugs gap when you have a magneto !

I found the solution on the Easyriders TECH TIPS & TRICKS book at page 55.

I replaced the HD 5R6A spark plugs with a pair of Champion N12YC (without Resistance) and setting the gap to .015. Start Old Grand Dad is now a breeze... It takes now two kicks when cold and only one when hot !

 Trust me a kick only magneto Shovelhead can be tuned to be started in one kick !

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